Hello there and welcome to the homepage of Multimodal Machaut. A word from the auctores: here you will find information about me, my project, my publications, and you can also read the blog.

Paris, BnF fr. 22545, fol. 155r

Paris, BnF fr. 22545, fol. 155r

The blog has three principal sections. The most formal of the three is that of my academic research, unimaginatively entitled Academic blog, where I add short(-ish) pieces that aim to bring knowledge of Machaut, medieval manuscripts, and multimodality to a wide audience. There is also a section on Academic life, which, among other things, charts the ups and downs and general goings-on in the life of an early-career researcher in Scandinavia. Last but not least, there is the section of the blog devoted to my Creative work. These are attempts to explore multimodality from the inside, which – it is to be hoped – will enhance my role as an analyst.

Feel free to take a look around, to tell me what you think, to browse and pick and choose as you see fit. If we’ve met before I’m delighted you’re back; if we’ve never met then I’m very pleased we have done so.

For there but for the grace from on high                              
 Flew ten thousand hopefuls from out of the sky                              
 The grace of transgression drowned out their cry:                              
 Plague! Rebellion! Paleography! Compendium!                              
 Readers, creators, our friendship is nigh.                             

1 comment
  1. I liked the poetry you wrote in the Creative work section. I most connected with Miracle and Arctic Summer. Was delighted by your “You know you’ve been living in Norway too long when…” list.

    Question, you refer to your children as Goats major and minor?

    Before reading your blog I had never heard of multi modality (or social semiotics). I looked up definitions of each and the small inkling of understanding I received of each was interesting. But, of course, I’m completely unaware otherwise of what you study.

    If you don’t mind I’ll continue to wander in and out here and there and ask questions? This is all of interest to me as connected to my own style of writing.

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