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The midnight sun is here, summer has arrived. For this year’s summer project I have decided to add more ‘creative stuff’ to my blog. This may take the form of music, poetry, prose, photography, or a mixture of modes. Indeed, as well as working on the creative impulse, I will also look into the process from the other side: to reflect on what it is to create, and upon the creation. This is something I touched upon in the post ‘Cycles and Circles’ which I published here in April, but I would like to take it forward a step or two.

Thus I also intend – wary of the slope to Hades – to read all of the stories shortlsted for this year’s Caine prize. (For more info see the inspiring article in The New Inquiry here.) Thoughts on Tope Folarin’s ‘Miracle’ to be delivered soon.

To start us off, some poetic thoughts which I will leave uncommentated (for now at least).

Arctic summer

Naked on the beach
Flesh in the light
Sun turns in circles
Orange glow at midnight
Sky in the water
Blue on the sea
Snow on the mountains
White peaks protruding promise
Leaves on the trees
Green lush springing anew
Flowers turning their heads
Yellow on the slopes
Stones harbour their memories
Grey on the bay
Blood flowing from wounds
Red stains on the shore.